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“There's the saying that knowledge is power, but it's not true. You can know everything but without influence, you can't do anything. For example, you can read all the business books, you can know everything about how to run a business, but if you can't lead people and get them to do what you want them to do, then all that knowledge is worthless. You have to know how to influence other people, you have to know how to influence yourself. Without influence, nothing gets done.”
- Josh Steimle

By Josh Steimle

Normally this blog focuses on providing you with information on writing, books, thought leadership, publishing, and more.

So forgive me if I turn the spotlight toward me just once. I think it's important to share what's different about Published Author, what sets us apart from other publishing  and writing options, and why you should work with me and the Published Author team.


Published Author offers a key element in the entrepreneurial book publishing world that other companies don’t: Thought leadership. Why is thought leadership important? It’s a key part of ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from your book once it’s published. 

As a thought leader, you will be recognized in your field, given credibility, invited to speaking gigs, and able to access new business opportunities.

A book alone without thought leadership can only take you and your business so far.


I’ve been offering thought leadership services for more than a decade. Before launching Published Author, I provided LinkedIn services and coaching for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders on thought leadership.

But then I realized that if we're turning people into thought leaders, they've got to write a book, because a book is really the foundation to all thought leadership activities.

Think about it. Thought leaders want to ensure their employees understand their philosophy and objectives. They deliver insightful and powerful presentations, give TED talks, published articles, write on LinkedIn, and seek out business opportunities aligned with their goals.

So a lot of what a thought leader does stems from consolidation of their expertise and knowledge, intertwined with their learnings and philosophy. This is then shared with the key audiences a thought leader wants to convince, impress, or win over. 


That’s why a book is an anchor to all that a thought leader does. It serves as the foundation for speaking engagements and presentations, it is the source of many articles and content marketing, and it influences and shapes many followers in a profoundly positive way. That is, of course, if the book is well-written. 

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to become a thought leader, Published Author the only service that can offer this combination. We're building thought leadership systems for entrepreneurs and a book is always at the core. This is what makes us different from some from all the other options out there.

In fact, we strongly believe that thought leadership should be the foundation of any entrepreneur's book writing efforts. Starting this way is, in effect, your ‘Why’ behind writing your book. a strategy for success with both your book, your goals and your business. 

When you work with us to develop your thought leadership and write your book, your journey will be unique and the steps won’t necessarily be in this order, but will include:

  • Understanding your ‘Why’ and what you want to accomplish with your book
  • Helping you build a platform around your expertise and knowledge - what we call your genius zone
  • Helping to establish you as a thought leader in your field/industry
  • Working with you on your book
  • Supporting you as you get your book published
  • Helping you maximize your your thought leadership platform to help you market your book
  • Guidance on how you can secure speaking gigs, exposure, and new opportunities with your new book thought leadership status.


For many people, embarking on the journey towards thought leadership and book authoring will sound daunting. That’s why we employ The 7 Systems of Influence framework. To help entrepreneurs discover who they are (or want to be), so that we can really help them define their identity. 

With this framework, we can create thought leaders who are influential on a scale that they would never be able to achieve otherwise. 

The 7 Systems of Influence are:

System 1: Vision

Who am I? What do I want to accomplish? What’s my big dream?

System 2: Genius Zone

Why me? What combination of knowledge, skills, and experience makes me unique?

System 3: Audience

Who is my ideal audience? What is their dream?

System 4: Content

What’s my message? How will I deliver it? What do I want my ideal audience to do?

System 5: Action

What will I do today? What are my goals, what’s my plan?

System 6: Collaboration

Who will I work with to 1000x my impact?

System 7: Love

Excitement, empathy, good will, and kindness.

Read more about the 7 Systems Of Influence and download a PDF at


I’m a published author myself and I’ve already touched on my thought leadership experience.

What I haven’t mentioned is what motivates me. Steve Jobs talked about making a dent in the universe, making a difference. I think we all want to make a difference in the world, we want to know that our lives have meaning. And that what we've done during this short span of time on Earth, made a difference. It meant something to somebody. 

For me, helping entrepreneurs write books gives my life a huge amount of meaning. It’s about enabling them to share their knowledge and expertise, along with insights and important learnings. All these things make a difference to those who read these books, and to the next generation, too.

So if you’re ready to start your journey and want to learn more, I’m ready for your call or email. As many of my podcast guests say, don’t wait to write your book. Start now!


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